When commemorating an important event or passing of a loved one, it’s essential you choose a monument that is long lasting. Not only must it withstand the rigours of an outdoor environment in which most monuments are situated, but it must do so for a very long time indeed. It’s little surprise then, that the material of choice for monuments is stone.

Established in 1894, G.C.Smith & Co has been supplying the Perth region with  granite and marble monuments for 128 years, complete with your chosen inscription.

Take a moment to browse through the gallery of monument samples below. You will discover a variety of finishes and colours available across our sandstone, marble and granite monument varieties, as well as endless design possibilities. G.C.Smith & Co also offers a range of accessories – including floral clusters, vases, statues and other ornaments – to further personalise your desired monument.

So if you want to commemorate a lost one, you can rely on G.C.Smith & Co to supply you wish a monument perfectly designed to suit your requirements.

With stone being a natural product, its colours may differ from the samples show in our gallery below. Some printers and computers may also show different colour variations. To view our range of monumental stone in person, visit our O’Connor showroom and have a chat with our friendly staff about the monument you want to create.

Our monument range not quite what you’re looking for? View our range of headstones here.