31 August 2016

There is no doubt at all that when it comes to bathroom and kitchen interiors, granite stands out as the most popular material for benchtops, countertops and vanity tops. Rooms adorned with it usually exude magnificence and strike good first impressions. It is easy to understand why homeowners prefer the ingenious rock. It comes in second after diamond as the second hardest naturally occurring substance on earth.

Unfortunately for first time homeowners, choosing the right colour for their granite countertops is often an uphill task. One has to consider which colour will blend with the kitchen or bathroom theme or which granite colours will create the illusions of space. Read on to find out how different granite colours can have an impact on not just your kitchen but other rooms as well and what it takes to pick the right granite colour.


It is not common to come across kitchens with black countertops. People tend to shy away from it, and rightly so because blending black with other colours in the kitchen is not easy. Go for a black granite countertop for your kitchen if you are after a colour that can effortlessly exude elegance. Note that you can always go for plain black countertops or patterned ones. For white interiors, plain black is ideal and highly recommended. For themed kitchens with a blend of many colours, patterned countertops take the medal. Note too that black granite countertops are a bit costly compared to other granite countertops colours. This is mainly because black granite is rare, with Australia, Sweden and South Africa as the only countries where black granite is found.


beige countertops

Unlike black, beige countertops are popular. They are also pocket-friendly. They are ideal for homeowners who desire bathroom and kitchen areas that are simple and classical yet stand out as high end. Beige is also a popular option because it can be easily blended with other colours. Pure beige granite happens to be just as rare as black. Your best bet is to go for the many beige shades available, which are all affordable.


Red granite is a big no for your kitchen. It is however, more than just ideal for the bathroom. You only need to be pick the right shade of red and match it well with your bathroom light, curtains and of course, floor. For a classy, romantic look, consider red granite tops that are sprinkled with either golden or white flakes.


Blue countertops are considered by many as the best colour for both kitchen and bathroom finishing. For starters, blue is very easy to work with especially in the bathroom. Then there is the fact that blue is easy on the eyes, a factor that makes it ideal for the kitchen as well. Royal blue, ice blue, sapphire blue and lavender stand out as the best shades of blue you can go for as far as granite finishing for kitchen areas and the bathroom are concerned.


Green is just as good as blue for the kitchen. Unfortunately, green granite countertops are hard to come across. Forrest Green and Emerald Pearl, which are both shades of green, seem to be the only shades you can go for. The shades are somehow expensive but easy to work with when blending them with other light colours.