24 August 2016

Carrara marble has great aesthetic value but is still frowned upon as a material to be used in kitchens. Wondering why? Well, for starters, it’s susceptible to etching. Acids contained in foods or fluids that spill on this stone will leave “water spots”, distorting its look.

Keep in mind then that your interior designer is right to worry about the implications of using Carrara marble for your countertops. While it may be functional, the extra cost is just prohibitive to say the least. So what do you do if you really love the look of Carrara marble, but are worried about using it? Are there any other materials that can be used to achieve this same look?

The good news is that there are alternative materials you can use to achieve this look. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Carrara marble has a very distinctive look and finding a match may be challenging. In addition, you need to know that Carrara comes in different colors and textures.

All factors considered, it’s easy to find a granite countertop that matches the Carrara marble look that you seek. For instance, Bianco Romano granite mimics this look and can therefore be used in place of Carrara marble.

Granite colors that resemble Carrara marble

Carrara marble countertop

When it comes to color, there are plenty of granite colors that mimic Carrara marble including:

• Bianco Romano granite which has beautiful veins

• Casa Blanca granite also has veining that closely resembles Carrara marble

• Glacier white is slightly gray, white with veins and striations similar to those of Carrara marble. Darker versions of this granite are also available in local home stores.

• Beola Ghiandonata may be a type of granite, but it looks more like marble, hence a good alternative to Carrara marble. While the fact that it’s very gray may put you off, consider the fact that its striations are similar to those of Carrara marble.

How to shop for granite materials

When shopping for granite materials from granite suppliers in Perth, be savvy and conduct the lemon juice and oil test to determine the absorbency of the exact slab you are considering. This will also tell you if it is affected by food acids. While we are still on the topic of granite, it’s important to note that Kashmir white granite is not a good option for use on benchtops. This is because it is porous and as such stains easily. What’s even worse is that sealing does not solve the problem.

Other options to achieve the Carrara marble look

Granite may not work for everyone and as a result, we discuss the alternatives that homeowners have. Quartzite is a popular material used in kitchens and can also be used to achieve the Carrara look. The different types one can opt for here include white princess, super white, white macaubas and Luce de Luna quartzite. Colors choices include helix, snowdrift, calcatta nuvo and praa sands.

If you still decide to move ahead with Carrara marble countertops, remember to have them polished and honed. You should also learn to seal and remove etch marks. This will keep the countertops looking as good as new for longer.