12 October 2016

Kitchen bench tops are a type of kitchen furniture that everyone loves to have in their houses. These bench tops should not just look pleasing to the eye, but also should be durable and be safe to use. The materials used for bench tops are usually carefully selected to be resistant against the large amount of heat, oil and water that they come in contact with. However, it is important to critically evaluate each type of bench top available in the market and read up about the materials that they are made up before making an informed purchase of a good kitchen bench top for your house. This article will take you through a few of the newest styles involved in the kitchen bench top market so that you can make an informed purchase.


Granite is definitely one of the strongest materials available in structuring a kitchen top. It is one of the most commonly used material as well as for the purpose of a kitchen top and it not just provides strength and a large life span, but also increases the visual appeal of the bench top in your kitchen. Just like any other material that is naturally obtained, granites too need their fair share of maintenance and care in helping them keep up and prolong their lifespan. If you take the effort to keep them maintained properly, then you will be rewarded with an amazing looking bench top that looks as good as new through the years in your house. Having a granite bench top is also one of the more affordable and financially wise choices compared to the other materials available. It is as hardy and good looking as a solid synthetic bench top but comes as a more cost effective option.


This is another commonly used material for kitchen bench tops and other such parts of your house and tiles. Marble gives a very rich look to your kitchen and at the same time, it keeps things soft and subtle. However, as like granite, being a natural material, it needs some constant care and maintenance to look as good as it is installed. Marble being a softer and more porous material is very prone to have cracks, chips and breaks if not handled properly. One extra problem marble would pose is staining, and although this is something that can be avoided with good care, being a kitchen bench top and handling lots of food materials, for some people this may be hard to keep up to.

Engineered Stone

Kitchen bench tops are made with a combination of materials nowadays and engineered stone is something that is mostly based on the material of quartz. Engineered stones based on quartz are highly durable but it has an added feature which is that it is easier to maintain. It requires less care compared to the other two we have previously discussed. Engineered stones are also available in many varieties of styles, like modern and traditional, and also in a range of great colours to please the eye and to suit the theme of your house and kitchen. Quartz is also less porous than marble thus would be a more hardy choice as a kitchen bench top.

At G.C. Smith & Co, our specialty lies in the provision of granite and marble materials, we guarantee that you can easily find a bench top that suits your needs.