It’s hardly surprising that Perth home owners are turning in increasing numbers to stone to create distinctive barbecue designs. The excellent weathering properties of granite combined with the limitless variety of colour and texture it can offer to excite the imagination, leading to some startlingly innovative and beautiful creations; and when it comes to creating a granite barbecue, there’s only one supplier in Perth to turn to – G.C. Smith & Co.

G.C. Smith, a family-owned stone business, has been serving Perth property owners for over 125 years. We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of granite, and can advise you on the best stone product to use to realise your barbecue concept.

Come to our showroom in O’Connor and talk to our friendly staff about your barbecue design. We’ll advise you on the general principles of barbecue design, and show you our unrivalled selection of granite colours and finishes – you can even take samples away to see how they look in situ before making your choice.

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