28 May 2016

Making renovations and upgrades in your home will add up to its selling value in the future. This is what most of you think. You have to take note though that not all of these home improvement projects will mean better profit for you. If you do the math, you will find out that there are certain projects that will actually cost you more instead of gain a lot for you come selling time. To distinguish which renovations and upgrades will sell your home at a better profit, read on.

Repainting your home

Repainting home

Repainting is one upgrade that will definitely provide better return on your investment later on. The reason for this lies on the fact that when you decide to repaint your home, it definitely brings out your abode’s best qualities provided you chose the right colours or it has been done to complement everything else in your residence. With the different colour schemes that you can mix and match, repainting will surely give your home a lift. Add to that the fact that more modern shades and colours are available for the picking.

Recreating your outdoor area

Gone were the days when the outdoors were simply being considered as an open space where you can park your car or where you can breathe in some fresh air. These days, many families spend more time in the outdoors with friends and loved ones during a weekend night. There are also those who find the outdoor as their space to relax and feel relieved from their daily tasks. If you want to sell your home for profit then you have to include outdoor area renovations at the back of your mind. Make it a point that you upgrade the outdoors to suit the needs of your prospects.

Addition of bathrooms

In these modern times, you may have noticed that more homes have been adding bathrooms into their space. In fact, many homes these days have bathrooms in each room in the home. Statistics show that an average of 2 to 3 bathrooms is already being included in plans for new homes. Make sure that you make your bathroom more modern should you plan to add one or two into your home. Make it look as polished as it can be to attract buyers.

Kitchen renovation

Perhaps, one of the most utilised parts of the home is your kitchen. This is the reason behind why ‘wear and tear’ can be evident in that space through time. If you are to renovate your kitchen to make it look newer, then you have to consider putting in more modern options inside it. Marble benchtops are now very popular pieces to consider in the upgrade. It gives the kitchen a smoother, more polished finish that will surely fit the requirements of families who love to cook together.

Speaking of renovating your bathrooms and kitchens to sell it at a better profit in the future, you might want to consider ordering marble benchtops in Perth. Browse through our pages and look into our gallery of projects to see the effects of using such materials for your home improvement project.