03 August 2016

Granite is used in residential properties for various parts of the house, particularly the kitchen and the bathroom. Maintaining them is not a subject that’s always understood by homeowners and problems are therefore encountered when it comes to doing routine maintenance. The basic question is always “Should I polish or seal my granite?”

The uncertainty arises from not knowing the purpose of sealing and polishing, and when they should be used to improve the general look of granite. While sealing involves pouring a sealer over granite to clog its pores, polishing is done to achieve a glossier look. Like every other part of the house that requires optimal maintenance, polishing and sealing are important for optimal care of granite kitchens.

Polishing granite

polished granite

If you are looking to make your granite appear glossier, sealing will not work. It does not affect the surface finish and certainly not the color either. Polishing, on the other hand, will help you achieve this. Unlike honed surfaces that are just smooth, a polished granite surface is smooth and shiny as well.

How stones are polished

Polishing of granite, or stones in general, is done using big machines and utilizes intense friction to make stone materials shinier. Hand tools can also be utilized by skilled craftsmen to restore the shiny look of granite. However, this is a job for experienced people so don’t try to DIY however handy you may be.

As it is used in various contexts in the stone industry, polish often mistaken as a shiny effect on granite that can be achieved with some sort of product like lotions or potion. These products can only make a granite benchtop smooth. Polish is the only thing that will make granite shiny.

Different types of granite take polish differently. This means that some types will take polish better than others. Don’t worry if your granite doesn’t get shinier no matter how often you polish it. That may be as shiny as it will ever get.

Options for polishing granite

When you want to make your granite shinier, you can bring in professional help to restore and re-polish your countertop. You can also rely on one of those temporary polish products that are available in the market. But as the name suggests, the effects of temporary polish are indeed temporary.

Some companies market permanent topical coatings that give granite a polished look. They kind of look like plastic and are marketed as sealers. They not at all similar to sealers and are not a good solution for sealing granite. This is because they do not offer enough breathing space to the stone, and this can have a detrimental effect on the stone. In addition, it requires a lot of maintenance and care.

Sealing and polishing of granite may be different concepts. And while understanding this difference is important, understanding that they are an important part of proper care and maintenance of granite is even more important. Remember, consulting with professional restoration companies if you have any concerns about sealing or polishing is important to keep your granite benchtops in the best condition.