02 August 2019

When designing a kitchen there is a lot to consider, where to spend your money and where to save it. What materials do you use? What does my kitchen need? Answering these questions can be difficult, and Identifying what is essential and what is important and needed for your kitchen is a key part of the process.


So, what’s the most important part of your home kitchen?

The most important part of any home kitchen is the countertop because it is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It makes any kitchen grander and it gives you a place to prepare and present your food. The openness of a smith and Co countertop entices and welcomes cooking. Its attractiveness will distinguish your kitchen from others. Its elegance and beauty is a promise of great food to come. This is the reason why your countertop should be the focal point of your kitchen.

A countertop is more than just a place to prepare meals, it’s a place to entertain and a place to relax. To maximise your kitchen’s potential you need a countertop that is both beautiful and practical. One that will encourage you to cook and give you enough space to unleash your inner master chef.

At G.C. Smith and Co, we offer a range of kitchen countertops that can instantly transform your kitchen from ordinary to magnificent. We stock a number of different materials that can easily be matched with any home.

Whatever your floors or cupboards may look like, we guarantee we will have a countertop to match.

Stone, granite and marble kitchen top specialists since 1894!

At G.C. Smith and Co, we specialise in and supply an array of engineered stones designed to elevate the appearance of your kitchen to intoxicating levels. Stone is undeniably popular in kitchens and for good reason. It’s a naturally beautiful sustainable material that is readily available, marble and granite countertops are the most favoured option in the Perth region. The natural form is beautiful and unique and our range is the most diverse and unique in the state. We work tirelessly to source the best materials so we can guarantee that you will find a style that speaks to you.

See our elegant stone top BBQ range- 

Outdoor dining is one of the benefits of Perth’s warmer climate and it’s no surprise that many of our customers ask for outdoor bbq kitchen tops.  Granite is very durable and can withstand the elements so it’s a favourable choice among locals. We have a number of outdoor appropriate countertops that are BBQ ready.


Kitchen top design

Are you designing a new bbq or outdoor dining area?  Maybe you’re just redoing the home kitchen and need ideas or guidance? If so then make sure to visit the team at Smith and co. Our staff are trained professionals who pride themselves on their personal service. Their knowledge in kitchen design is unparalleled, you will get easy quality advice and guidance  from our great team that will be able to assist you any query

Be sure to stop by at G.C. Smith and Co for all of your kitchen design needs. We specialise in supplying Perth with the finest kitchen furnishings that are elegant and affordable. Contact our team today!