05 June 2019

Marble:  a timeless elegance that fits perfectly with any kitchen.

The kitchen is the centre of every household.

The perennial feel and style of polished marble allows for a natural look that inspires innovation, sleek design and cleanliness. Installing a marble countertop will not only give your home kitchen that professional look but it will entice you into cooking. Its beauty will encourage you to test yourself and it will raise your culinary game to the next level.

Marble has enjoyed a renaissance of late in the interior design & construction industries due to it’s incredible and long-lasting elegance. But, it isn’t all about the look, there are many practical benefits that make marble a truly superior benchtop-material, that go beyond mere aesthetics.

So, here are five reasons why Marble kitchen tops are the best choice for your kitchen countertop;


The common misconception with marble is that it’s expensive. The undeniable beauty gives it the illusion of expense, however, it’s is in fact very affordable and readily available. Fitting a kitchen and or home out can be expensive and compromise needed when operating within a budget. Marble isn’t a compromise, rather, a near perfect combination of practicality and beauty- It will afford you the luxury of being able to spend more money on other items without compromising style.

Get the elegant look without the price tag, with G.C. Smith’s many marble bench-top offerings.

Superior Style

Marble has famously been used famously to decorate, build and cover the facades of some of the most recognisable landmarks all over the world, from the Parthenon to the Taj Mahal, the Aon Center in Chicago and many more. From great halls to Kitchens, its diverse uses stems from its level of prestige and uniqueness. No two pieces are the same and each vein is rare to the stone.

Style inspires, which is important in the kitchen- having a beautifully decorated kitchen countertop will inspire you to not only cook more but to challenge yourself, and even to impress guests!

You’d be surprised just how much for a difference a high-quality marble kitchen-top can make…

Durability and sustainability

Marble is extremely strong, and able to withstand many, if not all of the inevitable kitchen mishaps, spillages, cutting and broken crockery that every kitchen will see in its lifetime.

Its longevity is undeniable which is why it is such a popular choice, good marble that is properly treated will last even longer than you. If you choose Marble for your kitchen top- rest assured- you won’t need to make that choice again for a very long time.

Whereas other materials will fade and deteriorate over time, losing strength and a clean facade, marble will remain strong, allowing for countless meals, gatherings and memories for you, your family and your loved ones.

Heat resistant properties

Being able to withstand a high heat environment is an essential aspect of any kitchen-build material. And in this respect, marble is no exception. Although directly applying intense heat (ie. a red hot pan fresh off the stove) is not recommended, this heat resistant material will allow you more range in the kitchen, giving the freedom to operate comfortably in any circumstance.

G.C. Smith offers a wide range of Marble countertops that cater to any taste.

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