No other material combines durability, imperviousness to water and staining with sheer nobility of appearance, like sealed stone. Somehow, stone conveys its antiquity in subtle displays of colour and grain that give enduring satisfaction to the discerning homeowners who choose it. And there can be few more challenging spaces in the home than the bathroom. With its abundance of water and steam, to say nothing of soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, hair dye and other substances likely to cause damage to floors and vanity tops, it’s the perfect place for marble, granite or reconstituted stone.

Reconstituted Stone Vanity Tops

Reconstituted stone is a wonderful material for the bathroom. An agglomerate of quartz and other crushed stone elements with a cement or resin binding agent. G.C. Smith can order in a large variety of reconstituted stone and can provide you with expert advice on the proper use and other aspects of using this beautiful, convenient material.

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Granite Vanity Tops

Granite is the most durable of all stones. For some people, nothing but the authenticity of genuine granite will do. Nothing has quite the sense of permanence conveyed by a granite vanity top, and nobody understands granite quite like G.C. Smith.

Marble Vanity Tops

With its exquisitely variegated grain, marble conveys a sense of sheer luxury. A marble vanity top from GC Smith is an adornment that makes every visit to the bathroom a pleasure.

Sealed Stone Vanity Tops

While stone has excellent properties, it is not, in its natural state, entirely impervious to liquids, or to damage from acid or salt. It has a natural porosity. Marble is a very porous stone when it comes to exposure to water and harsh chemicals. All our vanity tops are sealed prior to installation to prevent this from happening.

Sealed Granite & Marble

G.C. Smith are experts in their use, and can advise you on the best care and maintenance for bathroom vanity tops in granite, marble or reconstituted stone.

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