25 October 2016

Whether it’s a luxury apartment room or an average residential place, you are sure to find granite slabs positioned neatly on a countertop, especially in the kitchen. These slabs not only add a visual appeal to the space, but also maintain the original functionality of the same. While some of the finest granite headstones in Perth keep your loved ones alive in eternity, granite slabs do the same by adding value to your living space. There are numerous benefits of having granite countertops.

They are robust and durable

Granite is one of the toughest materials out there in the market, and there cannot be a better choice for a full-bodied countertop of high strength. It is extremely tough to chip off the surface, and it is highly resistant against stains. Neither can you cut through it like a wooden material, nor flame it in touch with pan bottom. If the sealing is done properly, the surface won’t discolor easily in contact with some liquids. Once installed, it takes years for a granite slab to deteriorate.

They are affordable

Granite Slabs

Granite slabs can cost you a lesser amount in comparison to marble or other forms of stone slabs. Given its toughness and longevity, it’s worth investing in a high-quality exclusive material that is reasonably priced for any average homeowner to afford. Affordability also takes into account the biggest factor that this material can stay in good condition for years, unlike the case in a wooden top which needs regular replacement.

They come in variety

Each and every slab of granite comes in different texture and color variations. It gives you the flexibility to choose a chunk that suits the interior of your house. In many types of slabs, you will notice flecks and depths of other shining rocks embedded in pieces.

They are eco-friendly material

Some of the other rocks require high-end polishing and finishing for a characteristic gloss on the surface, which in turn leads to a good amount of solid waste generation, harmful for the environment. Granite, on the other hand, requires minimum processing and is known to retain it natural look with speckled patterns.

They are more hygienic

A properly sealed granite countertop is non-porous and it doesn’t allow any form of bacteria or dirt to invade the space and contaminate the surface. This is very important for kitchen countertops, since most of the things used here are susceptible to bacterial contamination. You can easily chop off vegetables on the surface, and clean the slab effortlessly after use.

They are perfectly flat

Granite slabs are a multi-purpose thing, and you can use them in place of a wooden base chopper or a flat surface to roll out the dough. In fact, most of the chefs prefer using granite countertops as an ideal flat surface to bake something or knead breads. Nothing can get flatter than a granite slab!

Granite can easily outlast most of the other materials in your home, and given its natural sheen that retains itself over a long period of time, there is every reason why granite slab is an investment, rather than a purchase.