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Can you scratch granite?

You can cut safely with a serrated knife; however, using a board is preferable

Does the quality of different granites vary?

Yes, however, all granite offered for use as benchtops are selected especially for this purpose

How long will the polish on granite last?

Under normal use in a kitchen, the surfaces should never have to be repolished

How often do I need to reseal granite tops?

We suggest every 5 years, but a dark colour (i.e. black), once is enough

If I want to replace laminate tops with granite, will the cupboards be strong enough?

In most cases, existing cupboards are strong enough

Will granite fade in the sunlight?

Very few, but a reputable company knows these and would not use them

Will granite stain (oil etc)?

All granite tops are sealed, which will prevent staining

Will heat damage granite tops?

We recommend not placing any hot appliance directly onto the benchtops