06 July 2016

Natural and engineered stones can both be found at stone shops. More often than not, people pay attention on the differences between these two types of stone especially when making choices on the type of stone to use. These two types of stones have their own unique differences. Some of these attributes buck all kinds of misconceptions about stones. People hearing some of these misconceptions always end up trying to figure the best type of stone that is more useful.

Making the right choice

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Selection of an ideal stone option is the best way to achieve satisfaction when you particularly want a home with a beautiful finish. Durability is never compromised when you make the right choice. For instance, headstones in Perth last long because they are engineered. To make the right choice when selecting the type of stone for use, you need to consider your needs. If you have a family, it certainly tells that the stone you choose is likely to get more traffic. Therefore, it would not be ideal to pick a costly exotic stone that can easily be damaged by too much traffic. Here are things that you should keep in mind when making a choice about the type of stone to use.

Natural stone

Just as its name suggests, natural stone comes straight from the earth. It is not the product of man since it has existed on the plant for numerous years. Natural stones are quarried at different locations all over the world. These locations go a long way to determine the type and color of a stone. Essentially, natural stone is unique. You will barely find any two natural stones that entirely look alike.

Natural stone properties

One of the most common grievances that people have usually revolves around stains, chips and scratches on the surface of natural stone. Different natural stones vary and as such, you have to select an option that is tailor-made for your lifestyle. Natural stones offer a wide spectrum when it comes to colors. That explains why you can easily tell the difference between natural stone and engineered stone. When you pick natural stone for use, you should bear in mind that price is not an effective determinant of quality. It is possible to purchase a high-price natural stone and end up with a porous stone that is easy to scratch and damage.

Engineered stone

Engineered stone is definitely a product that is man-made. It made its way to the market as the 20th century neared its end. A rise in the demand for consistency in the appearance of finished products led to the manufacturing of engineered stones. Quartz (a highly strong material) is the main component that is used in the production of engineered stone. Essentially, engineered stones exhibit uniformity regarding features such as style and colors. Each piece of stone is made according to a particular procedure. Engineered stones are resistant to chips, scratches and stains, which make them the most ideal solution for kitchens where hygiene is concerned.