Kitchen Countertop Conundrum: Which One Suits Your Needs Best?

7 September 2016

Choosing a material for the kitchen countertop may seem easy at first, but when confronted with the large variety...

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How To Work With Different Granite Colours

31 August 2016

There is no doubt at all that when it comes to bathroom and kitchen interiors, granite stands out as...

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Using Granite To Achieve The Carrara Marble Look

24 August 2016

Carrara marble has great aesthetic value but is still frowned upon as a material to be used in kitchens....

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Understanding How A Granite Benchtop Sealer Works

17 August 2016

Almost all granite sealers work in the same manner. However, there are a lot misunderstanding and misconceptions when it...

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Using Tests To Check If You Need To Seal Granite Countertops Or Benchtops

10 August 2016

The subject of sealing granite countertops and benchtops can be a tricky one to navigate. There are many theories...

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Polishing Vs. Sealing Granite

3 August 2016

Granite is used in residential properties for various parts of the house, particularly the kitchen and the bathroom. Maintaining...

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Popular Benchtop Trends To Consider

27 July 2016

Countertops and benchtops are one of the most significant decisions that homeowners have to make when renovating their kitchens....

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How To Handle Natural Fissures In Your Golden Silver Granite Countertop

20 July 2016

Golden silver granite is a great countertop material that is quite popular with many homeowners. One of its best...

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Choosing Between Natural And Engineered Benchtop Materials For the Kitchen

6 July 2016

Natural and engineered stones can both be found at stone shops. More often than not, people pay attention on...

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