The Tradition Behind Mausoleums and Burial Vaults

25 August 2017

The tradition of above-ground entombment in a mausoleum has existed for thousands of years. In much of the modern...

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How to Tackle a Monument Restoration

2 August 2017

A cemetery monument plays an important role in the grieving process, and even though your loved one may be...

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How Can Stone be Used to Jazz Up Your Bathroom?

22 June 2017

Do you love the look of stone in the bathroom, but don’t really know how to integrate it into...

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11 May 2017

There’s a number of ways you can utilise natural and engineered stone in your kitchen. Whether you’re after granite...

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Why Granite is the Perfect Material in an Outdoor Kitchen

5 April 2017

Having a self-sufficient outdoor entertaining area is a vital part of the great Australian dream, after all, who doesn’t...

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Farewell Your Loved One with a Headstone

20 March 2017

When someone you love passes away, it’s a difficult time for everyone involved. While you’re grieving, a granite tombstone...

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Get To Know 6 Benefits Of Granite Slabs!

25 October 2016

Whether it’s a luxury apartment room or an average residential place, you are sure to find granite slabs positioned...

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Top Trending Styles For Your Kitchen Bench Tops

12 October 2016

Kitchen bench tops are a type of kitchen furniture that everyone loves to have in their houses. These bench...

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3 Common Materials For Your Vanity Tops In The Bathroom

5 October 2016

Designing a bathroom can definitely be fun and exciting. It is always a great experience to use one’s creativity...

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