17 November 2015

Other than the kitchen space and impressive appliances, the benchtop is another important part of your kitchen. This surface is useful in so many ways, and yet it lends an aesthetic appeal to the entire kitchen. This means that while you need to focus on its functionality, you cannot neglect other important aspects like aesthetics and longevity. The kitchen benchtop could cost you a fortune if you have to repair it. This means that you will have to really think about your choices before you can commit yourself. Here are six amazing options that you could consider.

Engineered stone

This is a seemingly popular trend that is most loved for its durability and ease of maintenance. Engineered stone benchtops also come in impressive colors that would easily blend in with the style of your home and kitchen. This means that you are not limited to rigid colors that could ruin your space. If you choose this, make sure you get the hard quartz based variations for durability and relevance in the kitchen area.


This is a cost effective choice for the kitchen although it has a habit of staining and scratching easily. It is however very classy and aesthetically appealing. If you maintain it well, you are likely to enjoy having a really blissful and beautiful kitchen for years to come. You will however need to invest in maintenance for durability.


This is really hard, meaning it will last longer without requiring too much maintenance work. You may also notice that the granite is considerably cheaper than most of the other alternatives on this list. Take time to find one that you actually like since you will be keeping it for a very long time.

If you are looking to get a new kitchen benchtop, you have to consider your specific needs in terms of the look you want in your kitchen. Each of these options is uniquely suited to certain home designs and budgets, although they may also be subject to versatility, depending on how bold you can get with your creative side.