25 August 2015

Granite is sure to add a little extra class and style into any room in the home. It works particularly well for bathroom or kitchen flooring, bathroom sinks and kitchen benchtops. In order to keep your granite benchtops looking as good as new for many years to come you will need to properly look after them. This article provides five simple yet effective tips that will help you to care for your granite benchtops.

Protecting the Surface

It is extremely important that you use coasters, placemats and other protective items on the surface of the granite. Hot saucepans can burn and cause damage to the surface of the granite if they are placed on the same area regularly — placemats help to prevent this from happening.

The same applies to items that are scratchy or sharp, either avoid placing them onto the granite or use a protective pad first.

Right Cleaning Products

It is also important that you only use cleaning products which have been specifically designed for use on granite. Many normal household cleaning products contain harsh acids. When these acids are continuously used on the granite benchtops they can wear off the top layer and cause the granite to look dull. The same applies to abrasive cleaning products which can scratch and mark the surface of the granite.

There are gentle cleaning products which are made for use on granite surfaces. Use these products, and always follow the instructions on the packaging carefully for the best results.

Quick Clean

Your granite surfaces should be cleaned regularly. If you spill any food or water onto the surface then you will also need to clean it up immediately. Food and water that is left on the surface can seep through and damage or stain the granite. Keep an eye out for spillages, and use chopping boards when appropriate.

Sealing Granite Benchtops

Sealant is a type of product which is applied onto the surface of the granite. It provides and extra barrier layer which helps to protect the surface from wear and tear. When new granite benchtops are purchased they will typically come already sealed and ready to go. However, it may be worth sealing your granite surface after a year or so to help provide a little extra protection. A natural stone specialist will be able to advise you on when it is best to get your granite worktops resealed and what products to use.

Professional Help

If you have any damage to your granite worktops, then it is best to seek help from a professional who will have the tools and expertise to be able to fix it for you. Cracks in the granite can easily spread, plus they provide a breeding ground for bacteria, which is why it is so important to have them properly fixed by a natural stone technician.

Follow the above tips and your granite benchtops will be sure to stand the test of time. Good luck.