05 October 2016

Designing a bathroom can definitely be fun and exciting. It is always a great experience to use one’s creativity in sprucing up this important part of the home. One of the things that can really improve the look of the bathroom is a vanity top. Bathroom vanity tops really do add up to the beauty of the bathroom. They are usually made of various natural stone materials. The top natural stone materials which are used for vanity tops are granite, marble, and quartz. Should you choose to have your own bathroom vanity top, you might want to look closer at these options.

Granite Vanity Top

Granite Vanity Top

Granite has always been a popular option in home design because of its durability. Considered to be one of the most durable types of natural stone, granite can last for many generations. And what is great about granite is that not only is it strong but it is also available in numerous colors and patterns. Another thing that people love about granite is that it is pretty easy to clean. Granite can be regularly maintained by cleaning it with a damp dishcloth.

Marble Vanity Top

Marble is also an excellent option when it comes to vanity tops. Numerous marble monuments have withstood the test of time and they still stand until today. Marble is known for its capability to bring a huge deal of class to the bathroom. This refined material can surely make the bathroom look luxurious. It is perfect for those who are trying to achieve a classic bathroom. Marble is commonly available in white and people love it for that. White marble just works so well with various decorations put on the vanity top such as mirrors, sculptures, and potted plants. Marble is also available in other light shades but white marble is the most popular choice.

Quartz Vanity Top

Another good choice material for a vanity top is quartz. Quartz is often mistaken as granite for its look and its feel. It also comes in a variety of colors that can suit any bathroom theme. Maintaining quartz vanity tops is very easy since most stains will come off using a non-abrasive rag soaked in warm water.

Indeed, natural stone is an excellent choice when it comes to bathroom vanities. It is both affordable and of high class. If you want a bathroom vanity with a good top, you can contact us at G.C. Smith and Co. We are based in O’Connor Perth, Western Australia. No matter which vanity top option you choose, you will surely be satisfied at the results for your bathroom!